A New Look for a New Era


Elevated Third is proud to announce an exciting new direction for our digital agency. Over the past decade, we’ve seen an explosion of interconnected, socially-driven technology that has changed the way the world works, lives and plays.

But what comes after the digital explosion? What kind of company will lead the way in a post digital work? That’s the question the new Elevated Third brand seeks to capture.

Instead of running with the pack in order stay ahead of this whole “technology” fad, we’ve taken a decidedly different path. The new Elevated Third’s timeless, Americana-influenced look speaks to the very beginning of mass marketing. It’s a reflection of a better time. A time before smart phones, the internet, nuclear power, freeways, cars, widespread electricity and basic sanitation. “Social media” was stories told at the local parlor or saloon and “marketing” was a classically type-set poster nailed to a wooden post. We believe in a simpler time, full of new marketing curiosities and spectacles that will amaze and astound.

The new Elevated Third brand was developed in partnership with international brand communication expert and timber tycoon Cornelius Von Bruger III. Having worked with such successful brands such as Old Holborn tobacco and Romance Blue Peace River Fruit, Dr. Von Bruger has a keen eye for positioning in a hardly-ever-changing marketplace. His expertise helped us craft a new brand story that would make people stop for a moment before mounting their horses and think about the future. 

Seriously though...

We are indeed working on launching a new site soon with an updated look we're pretty proud of. Check back in a month or so, but for now here's a sneak peek: