POWDR’s Front End Architecture Build

Ski resort image for Decoupled Drupal ebook

Powdr Resorts is one of the largest ski operators in North America. Since December, we've spun up nearly a dozen decoupled Drupal website for the holding company including websites for Boreal Mountain Resort, Copper Mountain, Camp Woodward, and more. 

The work was completed with our frontend partners at Hoorooh Digital and hosting partners at Acquia. It is cutting edge and worth diving into so we've put together an eBook style review of the project's parts. 

In prior posts, we've covered Hosting a Decoupled Drupal Site, Decoupled Drupal: A 10,000 ft View, and Decoupled Drupal Technologies and Techniques

In the final installment of our decoupled Drupal series our partner, Denny Cunningham, Lead Front End Developer at Hoorooh Digital, discusses the three main areas that needed to be addressed during the build of POWDR’s front end architecture: Routing & Syncing with the API, Component Driven Content, and the Build Process & Tools. Read the whole piece on Acquia's developer center, here