The State of Drupal 8 Marketing Integrations


If you read our previous blog about marketing automation modules for Drupal 7, you know that there a lot of different modules to choose from. 

With the release of Drupal 8 slowly getting closer, it’s getting to be the time to start prepping for your upgrade––or at least researching it. While Drupal 8 Core may be on the way, it doesn’t exactly mean that many of the modules you use are going to be ready right away. Not everyone is working on their Drupal 8 modules just yet. 

The Modules

A standard module for many companies using Drupal is Salesforce. This module is currently still in production, with an unidentified finish date. As of the beginning of August, 38 sites were actively using the latest Drupal 6 module for Salesforce, so those are some of the sites that are going to need upgrading with the release of Drupal 8.

Another widely used Drupal module is MailChimp, with an estimated over 22 thousand installs on Drupal websites. There is some excellent news for the many sites that use Mailchimp––their Drupal 8 module is ready to go. The module was most recently updated at the end of May and currently has the go-ahead from Drupal developers to be used on D8 sites.

The Eloqua module, another Drupal 8 module, is also in production for its approximately 300 sites. It also has been worked on as recently as May, which is good news for the users of this marketing automation platform.

The Bad News

That’s all, folks. That’s right––only three marketing automation modules are actively working on preparing for Drupal 8, and only one is ready to deploy. What does this mean for users? Not much can be said at this point, as there still is no specific release date for D8. While it was originally estimated that Drupal 8 would be released in 2015, the date could very well be pushed back until 2016. 

The Good News

There is no specific release date for Drupal yet. And once you build it, the developers will come. Many of these modules are being actively used by thousands of sites, so there is a market for these modules’ creation. It also means that every developer currently fixing bugs on the Drupal 6 marketing automation modules will probably be switching their time from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 or 8, thereby putting a more concentrated effort in the creation of these essential modules.