Trending Tuesday: January 27


Catch up on some of the week's trending topics including Microsoft's big event announcements, Lyft's rebrand and the Facebook and Instagram outage. 

Microsoft event announcements

Google Glass is out; Hololens is in. Last week, Microsoft held a Windows 10 event where they made several exciting announcements. One of the biggest was the Hololens, an augmented reality headset that allows users to interact with the virtual space through real time movements. The event was supposed to be all about the newest Windows update, but it seems this technological advancement stole the show. The new operating system Windows 10 will be available for free for Windows 7 and 8 users sometime later this year. In addition, Microsoft unveiled its new browser, Project Spartan.

Lyft rebrand

While people on the street may see Lyft as another version of Uber, Lyft executives aspire to something more. Taking after brands like Virgin America, the ride-sharing company has begun overhauling its brand, which means no more furry pink mustaches on cars––prepare for the glowstache. In addition, Lyft also has plans to begin its first national marketing campaign, as well as tweaking its app, design, copy and photography.

Photo credit to Σπύρος Βάθης on Flickr. 

Facebook, Instagram and Tinder experience outage

If you were awake at midnight last night, you might have noticed some problems with your favorite social media sites. Due to a site configuration change, both Facebook and Instagram desktop and mobile users experienced outages, as did users of popular online dating app Tinder. At first, many users believed that this was a coordinated hack attack, but all seems well now. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, the two social media sites went down together while Tinder, which pulls data from user’s Facebook profiles, was tangentially affected.

Photo credit to Marco Paköeningrat on Flickr.