Upcoming Webinar with Elevated Third and Acquia


Managing theme layers with Drupal can require complex and arduous procedures.

With Drupal 8 on the horizon and a strong push for “headless” implementations of the new release this issue has never been more pressing. Thankfully, there are ways to make managing Drupal themes easier. Next week, two members of our development team, Nick Switzer and Tanner Langley, will be presenting a webinar with our partner, Acquia. The focus of the presentation will be explaining how development teams can develop processes around Javascript tools to manage their Drupal theme implementations. For those of you who are not technical, like myself, you might be wondering what the heck all that means. To boil it down to the most simple idea, they are going to be talking about how to make development teams more efficient.

As we all know, resources can be hard to come by, especially when it comes to website development. Internal IT teams, or employees who are specifically dedicated to website management, get inundated with requests. Everyone from marketing to human resources wants to promote specific content, develop new features and make edits to the existing site. Any opportunity that there is to streamline processes and help to make development faster and easier should be considered. We all want to make the most of everyone’s time so that your team is available to handle whatever else they have on their plate. 

Nick and Tanner will walk through specific tools that can help in making sure that long, painful, manual procedures can be cut down to only take a fraction of the time that they currently consume. They will review what options are out there and how they work with Drupal to explain their benefits, as well as demonstrate how they work. Nick and Tanner will cover the “why” and “how” over the course of the hour long webinar to give a meaningful, in-depth explanation that leaves attendees with actionable information. 

Automating operations is something that all development teams can use to their advantage, especially as organizations grow. When the needs of your company evolve and increase in scale, it is critical to constantly ensure that you are evaluating your efficiency. What works with five people may start to fail as you reach ten, and completely collapse at twenty. Making simple website edits should not have in interfere with important initiatives like marketing products or reaching new audiences. The webinar will focus on ways to reduce the overhead of costly procedures so that you have more time for the things that really matter, For example, Nick and Tanner will discuss ways to simplify on-boarding for new team members so that large quantities of time are not spent getting employees up to speed every time there is a new hire. 

Please join us next week (you can register here) to help make sure that you are not wasting time going through inefficient, manual steps. Tune in and learn how to implement systems that will significantly reduce the effort required of your resources and allow you to do more with your website.