US Digital Ad Spending, Strand of Silk Case Study and CMO Roles


What’s everyone talking about this week? Catch up on this week’s trending topics in digital marketing and Drupal.

Drupal Case Study: Strand of Silk

In this Drupal case study, Indian designer clothing e-commerce site, Strand of Silk, recently decided to create their website on the Drupal CMS. Strand of Silk picked Drupal because of its ability to combine e-commerce and content, as the site, in addition to displaying a lot of visual content, also needed to be made available in multiple languages and currencies. Because the site would be managed by a non-technical team, the Drupal site needed to be easily updated as well.

US Digital Ad Spending Share

This year, digital ad spending in the US will approach 60 billion dollars, according to this eMarketer study. Businesses in retail are estimated to make up 22 percent of the ad spending share, which is equal to 12.9 billion dollars. Automotive and financial services follow up next, both approximating over 12 percent each.  

CMOs Are Beginning To Fill CEO Seats

This CMO article discusses the beginnings of a possible transition in the marketing sector––C-level executives are starting to see CMOs as CEO material. It seems that the value of a marketer’s skill set is increasing with the rise of digital. While a marketer’s skills were always important in a company, these are now associated with the executive position due to a shift in what customers want. CMOs know how to provide their clients with a personal and catered experience, while improving upon every customer touchpoint.  The article also discusses the necessity of a CMO to see beyond their own brand, and understand business strategy, to be moved up into the top corporate position.

The Ever-Changing Role of the Chief Marketer

In this Direct Marketing News article, the website asked a variety of marketing leaders how their role has changed in marketing over the past year. Some discussed the addition of marketing automation and sales, while others felt that their job started to incorporate more data and analytics. Each interviewee has an interesting and individual outlook on how their company has changed over the past year––both in business strategy and the requirements of their position.