E3 Takeaways: User Testing


In this edition of 3 Takeaways, our UX/Designer covers user testing. Learn where to start, which tools to use, and what to look for.

Hi, I’m Lauren Motl. I’m a UX Designer at Elevated Third. Today I’m going to give three tips on User Testing.

Takeaway #1: Users are unpredictable.

It’s easy to make assumptions, but you never truly know until you ask. Testing before launch helps us make data-informed decisions and gets your site most of the way there. And once your site is launched, ongoing testing with users and site optimization is critical to increasing traffic and performance.

Takeaway #2: Start by pinpointing what to test

You might see on Google Analytics that you have a high bounce rate from your homepage but you don’t know why that’s happening. So follow-up with a tool such as HotJar which helps you target specific pages via polls, heatmaps and recordings of user visits. If you have time, user interviews are also an effective way to understand user needs and according to UX experts Nielsen-Norman, you only need to talk to 5 users to identify trends.

Takeaway #3: Take a step back, identify patterns and trends and consider what improvements you can make.

This is the tough part. Once you’ve uncovered consistent patterns or usability issues, you’ll want to make some changes. For example, if you see on a HotJar heatmap that only 40% of users are scrolling to where the important information is, you would probably decide to move that information up the page.

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