Nonprofit website development for Firewise USA™, National Fire Protection Association

Drupal web application tool for NFPA recognition program

Nonprofit website for firewise communities
2017 Acquia Engage Award Finalist
Support to 1,400+ communities
Tool developed in Drupal 8

Firewise USA™, a program run by National Fire Protection Association, needed a scalable Drupal application to replace a dated, paper process.

NFPA's Firewise USA™ recognition program empowers communities to develop an effective emergency response, and individual responsibility for safe home construction and design, landscaping and maintenance.

NFPA needed a comprehensive database and nonprofit website application tool for their Firewise USA™ recognition program. Previously conducted using a paper process, NFPA sought a system that would improve efficiency as the volume of potential applicants grew. Additionally a full-featured, yet intuitive dashboard that serviced their users and internal teams was required

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Interactive Map for Firewise Communities

The Problem

NFPA and the Firewise USA™ program experienced an issue most nonprofits are eventually faced with—modernization and scale. While the organization’s on-the-ground efforts were succeeding, back-office practices were labor intensive and impeding the ability to achieve long-term success.


Nonprofit website design for NFPA


Likewise, planning for the future from a digital standpoint proved critical. While most engaged community members are older, soon environmentally conscious millennials would be settling down to become community members themselves. NFPA and the Firewise USA™ program needed to prepare to engage with these digital natives, while simultaneously connecting with their older audience on this nonprofit website.  

The Solution

Our vision for the Firewise platform was one of efficiency and user engagement. Inspired by usability-focused tools such as TurboTax, we planned a clear and thoughtful interface that streamlined the community registration and renewal process. Roles and permissions were established for each member of NFPA’s internal team so workflow would be seamless.

Firewise Communities Drupal Dashboard

We designed and developed a dashboard that allows users to easily access information, support, and record events for their communities. The dashboard was intuitively designed to serve both a younger, more technically comfortable audience, as well as an older audience who may need more guidance. Animated icons and automatic application statuses appear to help a user move through various processes on the dashboard.

This project has significantly reduced administration time for NFPA, in turn saving the organization money and time. The modernization of the program has made it accessible to more audiences and grown Firewise's influence. 

For an in-depth review of this project, watch our partner webinar with Acquia and the Firewise client, here

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