Andy Mead

Drupal Developer

Image of Andy Mead

Andy’s a problem solver who can do everything from write recursive functions in JavaScript to open bottles of wine with a shoe.

One way or another, he’s got your back.

Lured into web dev by the promise of free lunch and the lack of suits, Andy’s been building websites and apps for over 3 years and hasn’t looked back. He excels at turning ideas into reality and has previously worked on projects for national and international clients like Kaiser Permanente and Seagate.

Andy believes in details and perspective. He’ll spare you some neo-Taoist analogy about forests and trees by simply saying he considers both details and perspective whether he’s implementing a UI in the office or making chili at home. When he’s not behind a keyboard, you’ll probably find Andy drinking beers at one of Denver’s breweries, up in the mountains snowboarding and hiking, or cultivating a caffeine addiction that’s likely gone too far. (He weighs his morning coffee out on a gram scale if that’s any indication…)